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Glass box

First Glass Roofs are proud to announce the launch of our latest product, the Opening Glass Box. This will have the appearance of our fixed Glass Box with no exposed joints or framework to the opening face, with the added benefit of up to 600mm opening for ventilation. The overall look internally was an important factor in our design, and we have successfully managed to create an internal sightline of only 35mm of visible framework when bonded in position.

This will be a hit with architects and people with minimal sightline specific requirements. Not only does this have the slimmest sightlines on an Opening Glass Box, the aluminium framework also has a thermally broken core and all glass panes are structurally bonded for superior strength and weather rating.

This is the only product of its kind in the UK to be factory bonded for product longevity, with fast and easy installation also being an important factor to have when looking for a high quality product.


•Thermally Broken Aluminium

•27mm Polyamide Thermal Break

•Structural Glass to glass joins both internally and externally

•Supplied fully bonded

•Top hung window

•Can be retro fitted into exisitng openings

•Surpasses the current building regulations

•Overall U Value 1.6 wm2k

•Glass U Value 1.0 wm2k

•Lead time 5-6 weeks

Glass Specification

Solar Control Glass as a standard
DOW 3362 Structural Grade Sealed

Double Glazed Unit
Black Thermal Spacer Bar
Argon Gas Filled
Soft Coat
Arrised Edges​

Available colours

Anthracite Grey

Jet Black

Black Grey


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