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Our Frameless Glass Box incorporates the latest in glass bonding and structural glass incorporated into a seamless glass box structure, fully integrated into the building making a feature of any location its situated in.


Blending high quality components into a remarkable ultra slim edge design, this product also benefits from polyamide thermal breaks and maximising glass for better U values.

Glass Box Photo to use.jpg

Glass Box/Window seat

  • Thermally Broken Aluminium

  • 27mm Polyamide Thermal Break

  • Structural Glass to glass joins both internally and externally

  • Supplied fully bonded

  • Can be retro fitted into exisitng openings

  • Supplied in Black Grey RAL 7021m or Anthracite Grey RAL 7016m

  • Lead time 4-5 weeks

Standard Sizes

Height: 1400mm
Width:  1400mm
Depth:  300mm

Height: 1600mm
Width:  1600mm
Depth:  300mm

Height: 1800mm
Width:  1800mm
Depth: 300mm

(Maxi Size)

Bespoke sizes also available

Glass Specification

Solar Control Glass
DOW 3362 Structural Double Glazed Unit
Black Thermal Spacer Bar
Argon Gas Filled
Soft Coat

Available colours

Anthracite Grey

Black Grey

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